Jessica (moovelvet) wrote in pen_pals_inc,

Young Penpals

I used to babysit for this girl, she's 12, and in fact her father used to babysit me, I'm 23... he was my dad's best friend. Well she's gotten into penpaling through school but its only US penpals and she would really like a penpal from some place outside of the states, I think Ireland would make a big impact because her father is 100% Irish and her mom is half. And they've got a huge love for Ireland. But, really, any one who's between 11 and maybe 13, and has some of the same interests like sports (volleyball, basketball) artistic stuffs, learning about the world and history she really likes. Also she plays the piano.

Does anyone know anyone for her? Thanks! Her name is Shannon, if you could reference that. And maybe for the first bit the letter could be addressed to her but sent to my address and then her letter could be adressed to the other person but sent to whoever finds that penpal for her?
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