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x.o.S.n.a.i.l.x.M.a.i.l.o.x. [entries|friends|calendar]

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=^^= [19 Jul 2008|10:56am]

[ mood | blank ]

(Name): Queen Chaé
(Age): 22
(Location): MO, USA
(Siblings): Two big brothers.
(Pets): Two small dogs.
(Favourite Color(s)): Red & black, blue & black, and green & black.
(Music): GWAR, Lordi, Static X, Korn, System of a Down, BlöödHag, stuff like that.
(Likes): Lima beans, anime, manga, Internet, research, homework, books, crime shows, music
(Dislikes): People
(Number Of Penpals You Want): I don't mind. I have quite a bit of extra time on my hands at the moment. Any amount will do.

Extra: Anyone who is into learning different things about the world around them is welcomed. Right now I am collecting books on religion (mostly Catholic, Pagan, and Wiccan), psychics, and psychic vampyres. I just got out of crime and scifi. Some of my favourite authors are Douglas Adams, Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Michael Buckley, Nora Roberts, and Charlaine Harris.


First post [04 Jul 2008|03:56pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

 (Name): Nikki =)
(Age): 17
(Location): Essex, England.
(Siblings): I'm an only child ^^
(Pets): 2 cats
(Favourite Color(s)): Anything very dark or very neon.
(Music): Rock, hip hop, screamo, emo, pop, country, classical. You name it, I probably like it. The only bands I don't like are AFI and Lostprophets.
(Likes): Music, films, reading, writing, travelling, being outside.
(Dislikes): Enclosed spaces, ignorance and racism.
(Number Of Penpals You Want): Any amount is just fine =D


[27 Jun 2008|01:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

< font color=#000000>
[[Name]] Ashton
[[Gender]] Female
[[Age]] 13 Goin on 14.
[[Location]] Charlotte, North Carolina
[[Siblings]] One little sister: 8yrsold
[[Pets]] 3 Dogs:Kera, Pepper, Autumn, And 1 Cat: Kiwi.
[[Color(s)]] Orange, Then Black, Then Bright Green
[[Music]] Well, I listen mostly to rock, metal, and screamo. But I also listen to hip-hop, some rap, country, classical, jazz, and anything else you can think of. My top rock bands are Take the Crown, We the Kings, All time low, Breakin Benjamin, and Papa Roach. other bands and srtists I like are: Jonas Borthers, Disturbed, Chris Brown, Beethoven, CArrie Underwood, I LOVE Rascal Flatts, Gavin Degraw, and a LOT more.
[[Likes]] Soccer, reading, Talking to people, Making new friends, Hangin with that special someone, Listening to music, And going to Hot Topic. I also like to change my style so one day I might be scene, and the next day ill be punk. And one day ill be prep.
[[Dislikes]]Scary movies, Quiet places, Attention.
[[Number of penpals]] I dont have a set number, I would just love some penpals.
[[Email]] Godlygurl001@aol.com
[[Myspace]] www.myspace.com/123hotchikz      if you want to add my Myspace, then the email is luvbugbabyangel@yahoo.com

I would love a penpal from anywhere, Because I love making new friends and having discussions. It gives me more views of the world. =]


[26 Jun 2008|02:40am]

(Name): Katie
(Age): Sixteen
(Location): Florida, U.S.
(Siblings): One sister and one brother.
(Pets): Two cats and three dogs
(Favourite Color(s)): turquoise
(Music): Mostly indie rock, but anything really.
(Likes): Photography, the sound of laughter, memories, road trips, the ocean, and dreams.
(Dislikes):Closed minded people, and people who judge others.
(Number Of Penpals You Want): One.

I want to write to anyone I can learn from, and I'd prefer if it was someone out of the U.S. I also want someone who is about my age. E-mail me if you are interested please.

[12 Jul 2007|10:36pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

(Name): Louise Victoria Amy
(Age): Twenty
(Location): Harrogate/Newcastle
(Siblings): none
(Pets): 2 fish, George and Mercutio
(Favourite Color(s)): black/white
(Music): AFI, Placebo, Rihanna, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Faithless, Calvin Harris,
(Likes): Writing, photography, make-up, art, yoga, reading, clubbing, shopping
(Dislikes): drugs, smoking, ignorance, rudeness, early mornings
(Number Of Penpals You Want): A couple. Anyone who is interesting to chat to about life and the universe, or just Big Brother.


Young Penpals [18 Feb 2007|08:34pm]

I used to babysit for this girl, she's 12, and in fact her father used to babysit me, I'm 23... he was my dad's best friend. Well she's gotten into penpaling through school but its only US penpals and she would really like a penpal from some place outside of the states, I think Ireland would make a big impact because her father is 100% Irish and her mom is half. And they've got a huge love for Ireland. But, really, any one who's between 11 and maybe 13, and has some of the same interests like sports (volleyball, basketball) artistic stuffs, learning about the world and history she really likes. Also she plays the piano.

Does anyone know anyone for her? Thanks! Her name is Shannon, if you could reference that. And maybe for the first bit the letter could be addressed to her but sent to my address and then her letter could be adressed to the other person but sent to whoever finds that penpal for her?

[15 Jan 2007|04:06pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm in a swapping mood.... [17 Apr 2006|01:33am]

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envelopes and postcards [09 Nov 2005|07:38pm]

i wrote a similar entry a while ago but i still have lots of envelopes and postcards that i'd like to swap. I have no use for them so if anyone is interested in some of them i'd like to swap them for stationary sheets.

The envelopes are from different letter sets and i have many because i use far more sheets than envelopes when i write letters. LOL

the postcards are funny ones. Most of them are from denmark but there are also a few from sweden and the netherlands. some of them has only text (if the text is in danish i'll translate it to english, of course ;) )

I hope some of you guys are interested... i literaly have HUNDREDS of both envelopes and postcards...

[15 Sep 2005|12:24pm]

Crossposted like mad, sorry to all of you who are in numerous communities
From Jessica in WI to all her penpals

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[11 Sep 2005|04:15pm]

I think everybody who loves postal mail should participate in here:


I registered and already received a bunch of wonderful cards from all over the world. I like the page because not everybody can see my postal address or my full name, just the person who has to write me a postcard. *g*

there is also a board dedicated to it, if you need help etc.

www.postcrossing.at (It's in English also)

[06 Sep 2005|02:53am]

[x]Name: Tori
[x]Age: 17
[x]Gender: Female
[x]Location: Pa
[x]Contact: comment/email [angel_from_yer_nightmare@hotmail.com]
[x]Interests: Art,computers,drawing,music,decorating,sewing,making bracelets,making stuff,being creative,try to play guitar,reading sometimes,games,traveling,writing,ghost hunting,taking pictures exspeachial black and white creep ones,spirit/ghost pictures.
[x]School/Occupation: last year of homeschooling.
[x]Favortire music: underoath,falling for ashes,korn,brand new,funeral for a friend,system of a down,hauthorne heights,thursday,the used,the starting line,bleeding through,it dies today,atreyu,halifax,finch and more :)
[x]Favorite books: (scary ones!)
[x]How many pen pals would you like?: as many as wants me. haha
[x]Do you have a gender preference?: i don't care :)
[x]Do you have a religious preference?: Nope..

Also i want to add. sometimes my life is so boring i write randomly. and sometimes i can't spell.
but yeah i get really lonely and sad sometimes so please bear with me. thanks

[30 Aug 2005|05:32am]

(Siblings):2 sisters and 1 brother
(Pets):2 dogs and 2 cats
(Favourite Color(s)): Black,Pink,Purple and baby blue
(Music):Everything from Fall Out Boy to Mcfly. name it and i probably like it
(Likes):Music,art,the internet,coffee,caring people,chocolate icecream,my cd player,shopping,hanging out listening to good music
(Dislikes):War,liers,cheaters,sheep,spiders,heights,rejection,school,whiney people,people who insult my friends
(Number Of Penpals You Want): between 1-3 :)

[19 Aug 2005|09:38pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

(Name): Larissa
(Age): 15
(Location): Wynantskill, NY
(Siblings): only child with a ton of step siblings that are way older than me
(Pets): dog-harley and 2 cats - angel and moof [i didn't name them]
(Favourite Color(s)): blue, white, black, red, gray, some green, mostly all colors
(Music): taking back sunday, brand new, straylight run, northstar, circa survive, something corporate/JM, MxPx, the starting line, a static lullabye, fall out boy, the academy is..., the alkaline trio, HIM, bright eyes, thursday, more in info
(Likes): music, painting, art, photos, band dvds, going to concerts, protesting
(Dislikes): close minded people, homophobes, people who you say 'like' to many times, teeny boppers, people who use net speak, most pop music[not all]
(Number Of Penpals You Want): more than zero less that a million, wide margin


[10 Aug 2005|08:38am]

I got that from a friend today and thought some might be interested. Me for example, I love writing and receiving postcards!


Kind of like bookcrossing in that all the postcards get an ID number, but you don't pass the postcard on here once you've read it!

Take care,

write me

hi everyone! [06 Aug 2005|11:58pm]

i just found my old collection of postcards today so now i'm willing to swap both postcards and envelopes for stationary and/or stickers :)

anyone interested?


Help! [19 Jul 2005|01:59pm]

Okay I need some help!
I just got a letter from Australia.
But there is no return address
Her name is Emma//Emma-Louise
If you are her
Or know her or her address
Please comment
Or Emial me at

[15 Jul 2005|07:10pm]

i got many many envelopes from stationary-sets that i don't use. So i was thinking that if any of you guys would like to get lots of funny envelopes i'd like to swap for stationary paper or stickers :)

[29 Jun 2005|08:58pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm Dan from Massachusetts looking for new pen pals. check out my user info for more more about me then email me at moviesforme316@aol.com


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